STOMVI Musical Instruments

2018-01-12 18:41:50

With only 28 years, VICENTE HONORATO IBÁÑEZ created his first own company in 80, devoted to the fine jewelry producing. At 30 he began a new project: Brass instrument manufacturing. He was
inspired by numerous professionals that believed in his creative ideas. He applied all his jewelry knowledge in the handcrafted manufacturing of the STOMVI instruments, and it is said that Vicente
has a gifted musical ear and a great sensitivity, sensitiveness to perceive and prefer the best tunings.
A similar history happened in the XVI and XVII centuries in Nuernberg, where the musical instruments work spaces evolved from the jewelers in addition to precious metal craftsmen of that time.

The company founded together with his brothers in 1984 was identified as HONIBA S. A., and was devoted to the developing of brass instruments with all the generic brand STOMVI.

From the STOMVI factory at Xirivella (Valencia/Spain) you can view the most sophisticated technology aided by the craftsman hands of males and females precedent from the jewelry production.
They impregnated all their understanding with tender delicacy from the creation of the STOMVI musical instruments. The soldiering precision, a wonderful slide of the pistons, the actual exquisite finish with the
24K gold and high quality silver handle is a result of their enthusiastic craftmanship.

The inner part of the factory in Xirivella, is often visited through famous music personalities for your interchange of opinions. They all share and shape the main Stomvi project.
STOMVI additionally organizes guided visits by means of its premises, which are extremely helpful to get first-hand knowledge of typically the complex manufacturing and generation process of the handmade STOMVI instruments,
and to understand all their exclusivity. With the same technological, artisan and human means, in the section REPARABRASS simply by STOMVI, the staff repairs trumpets, trombones, horns and tubas of
any brand, the idea restores old instruments and it offers to update attaches of different brands with the innovative Titán valve.

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