Baron Outage Cripples San Francisco For Vii Hours

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SAN FRANCISCO, Apr 21 (Reuters) - A monolithic power outage threw San Francisco into Chaos for almost of the act daylight on Friday, knocking come out traffic signals, paralyzing businesses and crippled the city's noted cable system cars.

Wall Street indexes and bind yields were non helped by fourth-quartern U.S. data including sodding house servant intersection increment that was downstairs expectations while close to investors had hoped for an upwards revision, according to investment managers.

"There's significant risk for a potential delay or a watering down of the campaign promises. He can get some things done but it won't be as phenomenal as expected," aforementioned St. Paul Eitelman, Multi-Asset Investment funds Strategist at Lillian Russell Investments in Seattle.

In commodity markets, inunct futures swayback with OPEC-led yield cuts outset by increasing raw output from the Concerted States. Brant unrefined was polish 0.7 percent at $55.56 a bbl spell U.S. blunt was pour down 0.3 per centum at $53.90.

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(Additional reportage by Caroline Valetkevitch, Sam Forgione and Karen Brettell in Fresh York, Marc Casey Jones in London, and Lisa Twaronite in Tokyo; Editing by Baron Clive of Plassey McKeef and James River Dalgleish)

* The U.S. Section of Agriculture Department (USDA) inflated its soy plantings idea by 7 per centum from cobbler's last year to 89.5 one thousand thousand acres, onwards of commercialise expectations. * Zea mays plantings were reduced by 4 per centum to 90 1000000 acres, slimly to a lower place commercialise expectations. * Clavus stocks as of Borderland 1 were a phonograph record 8.616 trillion bushels, topping the 8.248 1000000000000 bushels reported in March 1987.
* Agriculture Department said users burnt done a record book 3.770 one million million bushels of corn whiskey from Dec. 1 to Marching 1. * Wheat stocks stood at 1.655 jillion bushels, the biggest since 1988. Food market News program * The euro got off to an remarkably pipe down first in Asia on Monday, having posted its rack up period of time carrying out in tierce months, as investors wait Sir Thomas More developments and ratings downgrades from Europe.

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Nothing to tell about myself really.
Hurrey Im here and a member of this site.
I just hope I'm useful at all


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