Enjoy Free Delivery on Tiffin Services in Chicago

2021-02-26 12:39:22

Living in Chicago you might know how fast-paced life is in this city. You might work long hours during the week and get some rest on weekends. Nonetheless, with all of it going on, you often forget to take care of yourself and your needs. But we know, living in a city away from home isn’t easy, so one thing that will comfort you and add happiness to your long days can be relishing some savory Indian food. And here’s the good news, Quicklly now offers Indian tiffin service in Chicago with an added benefit of Free Delivery, what more could you ask for?



Getting your personalized Tiffin delivered to you during the week can be a big lifesaver since you will not have to worry about cooking food or eating out at an expensive eatery that will not satisfy your hunger. Hence, Quicklly is your savior. The three main vendors that offer Tiffin Services across Chicago are Annapurna Simply Vegetarian, Chicago Tiffinwala and Kamdar Plaza Tiffin. These restaurants give you an array of meal options that you can choose from. For a list of tiffin services in your area, you can search for ‘Indian tiffin service near me’ on Google.

Here are the details of the Tiffin Services offered by Quicklly:


1. Annapurna Simply Vegetarian

If you’re a vegetarian and would like to devour some delicious vegetarian meals from Indian cuisine then Annapurna Simply Vegetarian should be your go-to option. The restaurant offers three different types of vegetable platters where you can choose the number of vegetables you want in your meal. Palak Paneer, Aloo Gobhi, Bhindi Masala, and Chana Masala are among the various veggies offered at the restaurant. You can also choose the Gujarat Thali for your tiffin as it comes with a variety of veggies, dal, rice, roti, pickle and sweets.

2. Chicago Tiffinwala

Chicago Tiffinwala caters to your non-vegetarian cravings, hence serves dishes like Lamb Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma and Chicken Vindaloo. The Non-Veg and Veg Thali at the restaurant includes 1 Dal, 1 Curry, Rice and 2 Chapathis. Other tiffin options are Sabji and Rice, Sabji and Roti, and Dal Chawal.

3. Kamdar Plaza Tiffin

Kamdar Plaza Tiffin services are full of amazing meals that you can pick. The tiffin service offers savory Indian staples like Rajma Chawal, Dal Chawal, Sabji and Rice and Dal Makhani with Stuffed Parathas. You can also grab the mouthwatering Veg Thali from Kamdar Plaza Tiffin.

With this broad assortment of Indian meals offered by Quicklly, it is the best place to get your tiffin from. Moreover, you can enjoy free delivery on your orders! So order now!

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